Who we are

Our mission is to provide services for the private and public sectors in order to add real value to our clients/partners.

Our business consulting services include strategy and governance solutions, finance solutions, operations and performance solutions, systems and technology solutions, organization and human resources solutions and compliance solutions.

We are Caseware International distributors in Portugal since 2008. Caseware International is the world leading software company for audit support, financial reporting and data analysis, with sales to more than 130 countries and more than 200.000 professional users worldwide. 

We aim always to become a real partner to our clients, working as a team and transferring knowledge.

We are ready to carry out any phase of the enhancement project, since the diagnostics to the design and conception and even to the solution implementation, adequate to each different case, having in mind the understanding of different specific scenarios.

The aim is to implement solutions that, combined with our experience, promote the integration of strategy, processes, internal organization and technology, having in mind the understanding of the different activity sectors.

We value people and their training as well as our network/partners, as the main assets of the company.

All our projects are guided by very strict rules regarding quality management and customer expectations.