Audit Support Software

InoBest Consulting developed an audit template that allows you to adjust the potential of Working Papers to the national requirements relating to audit work. This template is adapted to the new Portuguese standard chart of accounts (SNC)

  Caseware Audit Portugal




Combined with CaseWare Working Papers, Audit Portugal is an efficient solution for the execution of audit work

Main Features


Since the template has incorporated the standardized chart of accounts (SNC), after importing the financial information (trial balance or general ledger), just a simple click is needed to have the leadsheets of different areas filled with the respective values ​​for the period. 

Risk Approach

  • Identification of relevant areas (FSA's) regarding the calculated materiality

  • Identification of risks in relevant areas and their classification (linkage to assertions, monetary impact, occurrence probability, potential for material misstatement, residual risk, etc.)

  • Creating risks from any work program

  • Linking the identified risks to the procedures contained in the work programs of the firm

  • Reporting risks identified for further evaluation

A risk repository accessible from the Internet

RiskSpace : a collaborative space with a risk repository by business cycle and work area, and controls to apply in order to mitigate those risks.
Access to this space is free of charge! Test it right now, even without Working Papers!


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