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Main Features

Organization of the Account Consolidation Dossier

Organize all the documents related to the account consolidation process, like Trial Balances, Financial Statements, Management Report, Contracts, Group Balances and Transactions, regardless of the file type (Working papers, Word, Excel, PDF, etc), all in a controlled area.

Collaboration and Security Optimization

Working Papers allows account consolidation task share gathering them all in one single electronic dossier, able to be simultaneously accessed by different users, but with the proper access restrictions pre-determined by the person in charge for the account consolidation engagement.

Additionally, it is possible to identify who finished/reviewed any particular document/task.

Accounting Data Standardization

Ability to standardize the accounting data of the different entities of the consolidation range, through its automatic allocation to the chart of accounts associated with different accounting standards (SNC, IFRS, POCAL, POCED, etc), known as mapping.

Since the mapping is shared by all entities, you may build analysis sheets between entities of the consolidation range.

Account Consolidation with Confidence

Using a simple tree structure, which is similar to Working Paper's own Document Manager, you can combine several clients into one file by consolidating data from different entities to a parent entity, using only the mapping numbers.

This way Working Papers allows a real time account consolidation process, monitoring performance documents from multiple entities.

Account Consolidation Adjustments

Perform account consolidation adjustments, like the elimination of balances and flows, the elimination of margins and intra-group results and the elimination of investments in the group and its calculation of goodwill and minority interests, safely and efficiently, having the possibility to automate them for future years, as a recurring or reversal adjustment.

Keep a record of all the performed adjustments with its description and reference to the supporting documents.

Consolidated Financial Statement

Review the result of the account consolidation process through an entity shared trial balance, showing the adjustments by item and the adjustments effect.

Add-ons: CaseWare Connector

This tool supplies a quick and simple way to link the information loaded into Working Papers with Word and Excel generated documents.

The financial information imported into Working Papers, as well as annotations and tickmarks, are now available in Word or Excel analysis documents.



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